Saturday, April 13

Kobo Town

Kobo Town is a Juno-winning Canadian Caribbean fun-time music group, led by Trinidadian Canadian singer and songwriter Drew Gonsalves. Based in Ontario, the band blends calypso music with a diverse mix of Caribbean and other musical influences. The band’s songs have been covered by Santana and Calypso Rose, among others, and Kobo Town has become a lively favourite on the summer festival circuit. 

Corbie Dorner

Corbie Dorner is an accomplished musician on multiple instruments and he showcases his versatility as a keyboard player, having worked with notable recording artists and earning recognition as the Keyboard Player Of The Year by the Calgary Blues Music Association. With his ability to play and sing anything he hears, Corbie consistently mesmerizes crowds. It has been said that Corbie embodies the essence of musical talent and entertainment.