The following is intended to provide an overview of the sound system supplied to artists at the Bow Valley Music Club. Performing artists are encouraged to contact our Sound Engineer well in advance of their scheduled performance at the club to ensure stage plots and technical requirements are forwarded.

The Bow Valley Music Club, in conjunction with Nero Productions Group Incorporated (NPG Inc), is pleased to offer our valued artistic performers a complete professional sound system, along with an experienced professional operator. The basic system described herein is supplied by the club at no cost to the artists. For artists who require special equipment or instruments not listed below, these items will be supplied at the artist’s expense. Please contact NPG well in advance.

The Audio Console is a DigiCo SD9 complete with a 32 input stage rack and 8 returns used for house left/right, and monitor mixes one through four, thus leaving two open returns for wired in-ears, or whatever might be required. The onboard processing and effects can include a complete combination of reverbs, delays, chorus and any combination thereof. There are also noise gates and compressors available for each input. If you are touring with your own Engineer and they are not familiar with DigiCo, we are more than willing to get this desk set up for your technician.

The house speaker enclosures are Turbosound THL 2and their accompanying THL828.2subwoofers. The THL2 is a three way mid high enclosure comprised of a single fifteen inch low mid, a six and half inch high mid driver, and a one inch horn, with the ninety by forty dispersion. The low-end is produced by dual eighteen-inch woofers.

The stage sound is complete with Martin LE1200 low profile stage enclosures. These are controlled by the SD9 console, and are bi-amped, and can be set as four mixes in four wedges, or used as two stereo pairs – up to a total of four wedges. These are loaded with a twelve-inch woofer and a one-and a quarter inch high frequency titanium driver. These low profile monitors produce a high-in-demand sound.

The microphone package is complete with stands and cables. Please note the package is comprised of eight Shure Beta 58A vocal mics, eight Shure SM 57 instrument mics, four Shure SM81 condenser mics, two Clock Audio C600 condenser mics, four Sennheiser E604 clip on percussion mics, three Sennheisier 421 instrument microphones, two Shure Beta 52 instrument mics, and one Shure Beta 91mic.

All direct boxes on site are manufactured by Radial Engineering. We are pleased to offer eight JDI passive direct boxes, four J48 Active Direct boxes, and one JPC Active direct box and one Pro-AV2 passive direct box that allows computer and consumer audio playback with 1/8″ mini, RCA or ¼” inputs. Please note that all our direct boxes are complete with Jenson transformers, ground lifts and pads to allow the best signal to noise ratio.

The Bow Valley Music Club, through NPG, offers this equipment to all artists without exception and NPG will work with you to achieve the sound that you deserve. The house operates at a sound pressure level under the 100 dB range as measured from the front of house mix position.

Please note that “Sound Check” rehearsal sessions prior to the evening concerts are conducted with the artists between 3:30 to 5:00 PM. Please note that the sound check must be completed by 5:00 PM to allow setting up of the hall to be completed.

NPG Inc. and BVMC have worked together for many years and have found that when the volume is excessive, regardless of the style of music, a number of our guests will not stay for the show or support your CD sales therefore, please keep this in mind for this venue.

NPG does regional touring and therefore is able to offer you audio and stage lighting equipment packages, complete backline, as well as tour personal logistics and hospitality for other cities or provinces. If you require any technical assistance for other dates and they are not in conflict with the Bow Valley Music Club schedule, please contact us.

Please contact David Neher for further information or assistance.
David L. Neher
Senior Systems Engineer
Telephone Office: (403) 255-7639
Fax: (403) 255-7630