Saturday, November 25, 2024

Once again this season, BVMC will end the year with a Christmas-themed concert; this one featuring the exciting Hello Darlins.

Led by Romani-Canadian musician, Candace Lacina and world-renowned Keyboardist Mike Little, The Hello Darlins are some of Canada’s most in-demand session musicians who came together to forge a distinct hybrid of country, gospel and blues.

Making music influenced by times of joy and sorrow is natural for Candace and Mike, as both come from families with long musical traditions within Canada. It all adds up to The Hello Darlin’s preferring to add “North” to the Americana genre, a more than symbolic gesture that’s in line with a musical vision that continues to evolve with their upcoming releases!

“The Hello Darlins first showed up in early 2020 and I’m sorry I didn’t get on board for their debut, because clearly I’ve been missing out on some amazing music.” THINK COUNTRY